Saturday , January 19 2019

Declassified the design of the new Jaguar F-Pace


Jaguar F-Pace added beauty and speed The British company Lister Motor Company, which since 1954 is engaged in the production of sports cars and tuning, modified crossover Jaguar F-Pace. Now its top speed of 322 km/h. Tuned F-Pace is called LFP. He received some design changes, unique green color (British …

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On the Ukrainian roads saw futuristic bus


Sensational Ukrainian bus released on the road. In 2019, the bus began carrying its first passengers. He was photographed near the city circus. The bus brought the children to the Christmas event. The basis of this “starship” from the base of the bus Ataman A096 Japanese ISUZU chassis to the …

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The doctors suggested, some sweetness to help the cough


Called healing properties of chocolate. British scientists from the University of hull, the study analyzed data on the health of more than 160 patients. They found that after treatment of cough with chocolate patients within two days felt much better. Scientists believe that chocolate causes a positive effect in the …

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Duda declared national mourning in Poland


In Warsaw declared three days of mourning. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda declared national mourning in connection with the murder of the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich. He said this on Twitter on Thursday, January 17. “In connection with the tragic death of Mr Pavel Adamovich, mayor of the …

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How to make cool pictures in Instagram. Photo


The reverse side of the glamorous pictures from social networksAlmost every glamorous and beautiful picture that we usually see in social networking have their own very non-glamorous downside. First, such photos are made in a staged atmosphere, and then processed using image editors. However, the results of the treatment do …

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Biostar has released a budget SSD


Both devices made in the form factor of 2.5 inches and use the SATA 6 GB/s. Taiwanese company Biostar announced the expansion of the range of SSD’s a couple of new models on the 240 GB and 480 GB line of S100 Plus. The drives are designed for the initial …

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