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Thursday , March 21 2019

The UAE took a mysterious celestial portal


Locals believe in the divine origin of the portal. Over the Arab Emirates there is a strange anomaly – a hole that eerily frightened the locals. People, by the way, called what he saw a portal to hell. To reassure people, scientists published a theory explaining the phenomenon. So, the …

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Astronomers have detected dozens of black holes


The scientists used data obtained with an instrument, Hyper Suprime-Cam. Scientists have found 83 quasar, which are powered by supermassive black holes and relate to the time when the age of the Universe was 10% its current age. This discovery shows that such objects were more common at the dawn …

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There is a new photo of crossover Hyundai Tucson N Line


You can now see “live” photo. In the Hyundai company is actively preparing for the debut of the “sport” version of the Hyundai Tucson next generation, received the prefix “N-Line” in the title. Originally, the cross was going to present at the Geneva motor show, but later plans of the …

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Bethesda promises more at E3 Doom Eternal 2019


E3 is traditionally held in 2019 Los Angeles, this time from 11 to 13 June. Company Bethesda Softworks has announced that it will hold its show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 10 June at 03:30 GMT. Recalling the events of last year, when canadian Walmart just picked up and …

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Google introduced a game streaming service Stadia


Play through Stadia will be possible with different platforms. Game lovers will find a pleasant surprise: Google launches cloud gaming service Stadia, announced at the game developers conference in San Francisco CEO Sundar Pichai. Play through Stadia will be from different platforms – from phones, computers, tablets and televisions. Go …

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African cyclone caused the death of hundreds of people


The scale of destruction amaze local residents. Of the cyclone “IDI” that swept South Eastern Africa, has suffered at least 2.6 million people. In Mozambique, more than 200 people died. Rescue teams are still trying to reach victims in five days after a cyclone from the Indian ocean at a …

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Hungary wants to create troops of territorial defense


The Hungarian Minister also drew attention to new challenges for Poland and Hungary in NATO. Hungary wants to benefit from the experience of Poland and the creation of the volunteer troops of territorial defense. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Hungary Tibor Benko after meeting with his …

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