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Daily Archives: 20.03.2020

Not all will go back to the office

After the epidemic, the world will change. On the one hand, it will become less globalized, in the event of another epidemic, the industry is not stopped for lack of imported parts and increase the number of remote jobs which may reside in other countries. I think not everyone who …

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Coronavirus and the new middle Ages

“Recently, with the different parties begin to speak about our era as a new middle Ages. The question arises, whether it is prophecy or a statement of fact. In other words: we have entered the era of a new middle ages, or, as expressed by Roberto Vacca, in his disturbing …

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Proletarian news from 17.03.2020 g

The issue: 1. Bigots 2. Injustice 3. The daughter of a tractor driver 4. Road 5. Zero The PLOT №1 Procession against coronavirus in Lipetsk had to cancel – due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. On it informs TV channel “to Lipetsk”. The event was planned …

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Why Putin plays in Groundhog day?

Now, if the man was bitten by a dog, it would be news. And when a dog bites a man — what is special? Now, if the constitutional court has not approved the zero, then we would now discussed the courage and integrity of judges, their commitment to law and …

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The Petersburg hospital is already bursting at the seams.

Pneumonia and influenza will be the hospital of St. George. Botkin and Vvedenskaya already bursting at the seams. St. George pereprofilirovanie under pneumonia and influenza, as Vvedenskaya and Botkin today full. On the temporary conversion of on March 16 at a meeting in Smolny reported to the Vice-Governor Oleg Ergashev. …

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