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Daily Archives: 26.03.2020

Loans and poverty as drivers of the pandemic

The part of the Russians and migrants remain without work. Some people will not be able to return home, others simply will be no money to live on and repay loans. Than a temporary quarantine may lead to the country in which millions of internal and external migrants, every second …

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Save their own people!

Seven military transport planes with equipment, medicines, professionals (over 100 people) have already arrived in Italy. And this is only the first part of the Russian aid to the country that is a member of NATO. We, I mean Russia, as always great. Themselves with a bare ass, but everyone …

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The experience will be — more than enough

The decision to send military epidemiologists in Italy, as is usual in present-day Russia, the real situation and needs of Russia are not even distant relations. Propaganda, as usual, cheered and began to Balk at the humanitarian aspect and the need for exercises and training, the acquisition of experience. Well, …

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