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Daily Archives: 05.04.2020

MS-21 will come on the same rake as the “Superjet”

Two key points. The first is what I always say: the MS-21 “will come on the same rake”, and “Superjet”. It is now confirmed and “rostec”, which is “I believe that the MS-21 has all the chances to repeat the fate of “Superjet”.” Second, you demonstrate how wisely and beautifully …

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Russia waiting for the mass destruction

Most entrepreneurs in the regions before barely making ends meet. Now, the authorities condemn them to a slow and painful death. The President of the Russian Federation in the last address to the nation declared the whole month, but has not proposed a single measure of support either for citizens …

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“Better to be closed quickly than to continue the agony”

“Better to be closed quickly than to continue the agony” The business fails to comply with the decree of Putin about the pay. The employees are laid off and go on vacation Business in Russia is difficult to tolerate non-operation, announced by President Vladimir Putin before the end of April …

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Example of understanding between the government and the society

Now I will explain what the understanding between the government and the society I want to in Russia in times of crisis. Like this: According to ARD-Deutschlandtrend, 72% of German citizens are satisfied with the crisis management of the government of Merkel. Unity on this issue is non-partisan in character …

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Arkady Rotenberg will have full control over the Sheremetyevo

Rotenberg partners and I decided to buy 30.5% in Sheremetyevo at the Agency. Arkady Rotenberg with partners, which owns 66,1% of the shares in Sheremetyevo airport, decided to buy another 30.5% of the Agency performing the option. Earlier they planned to sell part of their shares for the redemption of …

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