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Daily Archives: 03.05.2020

Russia is changing rapidly

The failed battle “Bulk-Zakharova” — another proof not only of the Buddhist notion of impermanence of all composite (excuse me!), but how rapidly the country is changing, and for the better. And how, aging, more waste power — it slows down and makes a nasty stupidity. Exactly like people, with …

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What are you afraid of Putin and his elite.

That’s no debate, doubts were few. For the same reason, which was not a debate between Casamari and Sable, between Zolotov and Bulk. Because Russia is not opposition politicians and opposition politician. One of them is vertical, writ, politics bosses and corridors, and the other horizontal policy debates, collective action, …

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ROC immediately came to the three traps

In terms of coronaries it turned out that the Patriarch and the whole Church administration is literally cleared, says religious scholar Sergei Chapnin. What state found the coronavirus pandemic of the Russian Orthodox Church? On the one hand, the reaction of the Patriarch and the hierarchy were quite rational. On …

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