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Daily Archives: 20.05.2020

“Levada-center”: a quarter of respondents reported cuts at work

A quarter of Russians surveyed reported a reduction of personnel in their work against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. 15 percent of respondents expect that reductions may occur in the near future. This is indicated by data of sociological poll “Levada-center”. More than a third of survey participants reported …

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Solovyov: I’m most afraid that Sobchak will kill

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov admitted that the most in history with crab business Ksenia Sobchak fears that will kill her. His fears, he shared live in Instagram TV presenter Tina Kandelaki. “I am very worried about the Xenia. We have a bad relationship. Very. And everyone knows it. But, little …

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The archipelago of two worlds

As I wrote a month and a half ago, coved epidemic is largely a social phenomenon. At a high level of pathogenicity, the mortality rate from the virus is quite low. Therefore, all countries of the world dealing with this problem fall into two basic classes — those countries that …

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Sell your Villa in Italy and pay employees

Many restaurant owners are now actively speak to the media with funeral speeches. Some of them post videos in which they talk about how to sell the last one. Forced to say goodbye to luxury cars Mabah and Porsche, for example, and to save money on mistresses. And the money …

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Scientists said nezaleznosti recover from COVID-19 people

Survivors coronavirus people are not contagious to others even if the test revealed the presence of COVID-19, reports Bloomberg. Scientists conducted a study of 285 recovered from coronavirus who test still gave a positive result. The specialists found that survivors pose no threat in terms of infection. According to the …

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