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Daily Archives: 24.05.2020

Taxes in Russia a method of destruction of the economy?

The tax system in Russia is structured in such a way that it inevitably does harm its economy. Still: it is at the origins of the modern tax system of Russia are the foreign experts of the international monetary Fund. And Fund this, as you know, created for the colonization …

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Poland was appalled by the crimes of the US army

An impressive list of “per second” crimes in the U.S. army appeared in the Polish segment of YouTube on the eve of the signing of the new “national security Strategy of Poland”, signed by Him on 12 may and envisages a significant expansion in country subdivisions of the United States: …

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Italian Marines received minor off-road buggy

4th Alpine parachute regiment “Monte Cervino” of the Armed forces of Italy were armed with light off-road tactical armed avtovesti (buggy) ARIS LTATV development and production of a small Italian company A. R. I. S.,specializes in the manufacture of small self-propelled and towed vehicles, tractors, containers, generators, as well as …

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Russia’s dependence on oil compared with a dead horse

The head of state Corporation “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais, speaking about the “oil” dependence of the Russian economy, recalled “the famous cowboy saying” and described getting rid of this dependence is a strategic goal. “Imagine this is the gas that we have today (you have) 20% of GDP, 40% of the …

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Foray into China

The Secretary of state Pompeo announced the amount of compensation that the USA intend to demand from China for the pandemic. It is 9 trillion dollars. Pompeo statement made in response to China’s proposal to allocate $ 2 billion in the form of good will gesture as compensation. Statement Pompeo …

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As soon as possible to collect ticks

The decision is still pending, but it is too beautiful and too obvious to accept. First vote for zeroing tried to combine with the anniversary of Lenin’s and to throw people off in the middle of the week. Ilyich came bobble. Bad karma of the leader of the proletariat, and …

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