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Daily Archives: 02.07.2020

Russia sharply increased spending on defense

The Russian government continues to increase public spending on defense and security forces, despite a sharp deterioration in the Federal budget, which in may was faced with a 3-fold decrease of oil and gas revenues. For the first five months 2020 military expenditures reached 1,409 trillion rubles, it follows from …

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About «African» admirals of the US and polar bears

About «African» admirals of the US and polar bears In fact – pure double standard. On the lips of current politicians – «You don’t understand, it’s not» constant argument. USA in the current realities is the world’s leading peddler of democracy and here is such a policy too. Can’t see …

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From election «against the rules» falling legitimacy

As practice shows, the voters pretty quickly get used to the different mechanisms of pressure on them and learn to give power back. The first days of the «experimental» vote on presidential amendment to the Constitution showed that the government actively uses the most unusual ways of organizing the people’s …

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