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Daily Archives: 05.07.2020

Putin: income Level low

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the level of people’s income is reduced, and therefore it is necessary to think about measures of support. The head of state said on Friday at a meeting with members of the working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian …

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You’ll laugh, but Saudi Arabia’s oil once again threatens war

Saudi Arabia threatens to start a price war if its conditions are met. And its understandable. The United States almost completely shut down its domestic market from light Arabian oil. China and other Asian countries are also switches to work with «non-Saudi Arabian oil.» But in Europe, things are meanwhile, …

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Terrible feminism

Promoting traditional values and justifying gender inequality in Russia you can earn good money and fame. Russian hierarchical society caught between two poles: «traditional spiritual-Skrypnyk» and «advanced West». Unfortunately, he and the other in the mass consciousness appear thoroughly distorted — not without the help of state propaganda. And thanks …

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Why the crisis is inevitable?

The title is provocative. The question already contains the claim that the crisis is INEVITABLE, only the reason why? In reality, of course, wrong. This is off the optimistic view))). Actually the question contains two statements, the second and most of the readers didn’t notice. Inevitable we have in the …

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Monuments to slave owners

It would be good to open in Russia a monument to all the American slave-owners, whose statues were thrown from their pedestals «crazed blacks». Better in the South, in the provincial cities of the Central Chernozem region. There the climate is closer to the Confederate, and the people more tanned. …

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