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Daily Archives: 06.08.2020

Oil prices have fallen

Oil prices plunged below 40 dollars a barrel on fears of rising number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the world and information about increasing inventories in the United States. This is evidenced by trading on the London stock exchange ICE. Oil continued to fall after the close on …

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Entrepreneurs in Russia waiting for the fate of the dinosaurs

That is not destroyed officers, «finished» coronaries — domestic small and medium business is rapidly dying out. The income of entrepreneurs in Russia has fallen to record lows. So little, if you look at the structure of disposable income, businessmen have not earned, even in the crisis year 1998. Well, …

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Portrait of a jingoistic patriots. Five signs

Hello dear members and visitors of the channel! Today we will talk about the phenomenon of «leavened» patriotism and make a portrait of a typical Jingo, using five signs, which clearly describes this character. What is this «leaven», or jingoism? Wikipedia gives the definition: Jingoistic patriotism (lapotnaya patriotism, jingoism) — …

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We never dreamed of! As in Japan, are people with disabilities

Russian tourists coming to Japan, the impression that people with disabilities are a great many – and all because for them ideal conditions. Russian scientist Vladimir Belousov, living in Japan, continues to acquaint the readers of his blog with the life of this country. This time from the coronavirus he …

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