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Bird intelligence: myth or reality

“…Here such here mine only smaller, but different. The dolphins, who fought on our side…”. It is known that in every joke there is a joke share. So, the joke Quartet from the film “Election Day” has virtually no jokes. The CIA has declassified a number of documents, from which it follows that the States in the cold war have developed a program of training animals and birds to conduct intelligence and subversive actions.

Documents publicised confirm a common myth that animals and birds used for military purposes. For example, it was declassified photo “pigeon camera”, which together with a strap to attach on the bird weighed 40 grams.

As soon as the planned use of animals: surveillance, delivery of listening and explosive devices. However, it was all about training. For example, the dolphins refused to listen to trainers from the CIA.

It is also noteworthy that pigeons are often missing with expensive equipment. For example, one dove was able to escape from the claws of a hawk, but lost the camera.

Overall, declassified documents from 1976 to 1978, saying that while the use of animals in intelligence and sabotage purposes is extremely complex and costly task, on which you must work and work.

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