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Turkey used vysokogorskoe weapons

“The consequences, as during the attacks of Pro-Turkish militants in Hamim, the Russian foreign Ministry was engaged in the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan, instead of jabbering on violating the agreements Turkey.” Ankara may consider an attack on a convoy in Idlib violation of agreements with Russia The …

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About spies and people

The desire of the Russian authorities to see intrigues of Western intelligence agencies leads to the fact that the country has no business to do, no science. Against the background of Russian television news in the usual military-style balaclavas, batons, independence, surrounded by enemies and a little about the weather …

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Lipetsk situation?

The state Duma asked the Prosecutor General to interfere in the situation around Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol”   The resonant story of power, and now criminal pressure, OOO “Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol” came to Moscow and became the subject of parliamentary inquiry to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. …

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And not to strengthen the protection of business?

It started he still came on the first time, nearly 20 years ago. Came the master in the Kremlin, looked at from the highest point of Russia and said: “it is Necessary to reduce administrative pressure on business!” Since then, any Message, any economic forum or a meeting with his …

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Why the Lewis gun barrel of large diameter

Many types of automatic small arms, which was created in the twentieth century, easily recognizable due to characteristic features of appearance. It is hardly possible to confuse the “Maxim” with any other gun, when he is on his “truck”. Or a submachine gun PPSH with his grenade disk. Well, the …

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