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Fresh numbers and charts about the us economy

I got fresh data on the us economy drove up. And all exclusively nepolzhivye source – “Bloomberg”, “wall Street Journal” and “financial times”. So the usual cries of “Vyvsevreti” will be more fun than usual.

If someone still doesn’t understand why the state of the economy “potential enemy” is important to us, I can not help. Not yet learned how to transplant the brains of those born with acetal.


So, the state Treasury of the United States (U.S. Treasury Department) said it plans to take in the third quarter, three times more than in the second (using the fact that lawmakers for two years, canceled the debt threshold).

If in the second quarter debt increased by $159 billion in the third quarter, expect to take a $433 billion. Originally planned to take a $381 billion, but tax revenues are again lower than planned (the reasons I have recently called in articles, on video).

And although the upper house of Congress formally approved the bill, but borrowing it is already in full swing.

The Treasury increases the sale of debt obligations to fill budget deficit growing due to a decline in tax revenues, and, for example, due to the growth of spending on Federal programs like “Medicare” in connection with the aging of the population.

The Federal budget deficit for the first nine months of the fiscal year (in the U.S. it starts in January, as in normal people) increased by 23% to $747 billion.

I even give in the original, not to say that I was misquoted: “The Treasury Department is expected to hold its quarterly note and bond sales at record levels“.

The Treasury expects quarterly debt sales will break records.

And “as Washington’s latest budget deal shows that the U. s S.’debt binge will continue“.

Since the last deal Washington’s budget shows that the revelry with us debt will continue.

“Binge” is literally “binge”. Sharansky endorses.

President trump came to power, vowing to destroy the US national debt, but now he has approved a draft budget that will help to grow the debt to unimaginable magnitude (the abolition of national debt threshold is hinted).

Stephen Stanley, chief economist at “Amherst Pierpont Securities,” said “the budget Deficit is increasing and upward trend in it spending is very strong.


The growth of state budget deficit the US is the growth of gosudarstvennogo debt for years


There is an interesting point. For the fed’s strategic aspiration is to reduce the number of “Treasury” (us debt) on its balance sheet. The more they have to buy most of the Federal reserve, the less he earns.

But falling demand for “Treasury” has already forced the fed to stop the decline “Treasury” on its balance sheet (by selling in the stock markets) and to resume their accumulation.

“JPMorgan Chase & Co” report that the number of “Treasury” sold “to the public” has dropped this year to $1.2 trillion, compared with $1.34 trillion in the past. That is “the feds” have to buy all the larger party debt bonds.

Forecasts for economic growth and budget expenditures, “Bank of America” show that the US budget deficit will exceed $1 trillion by the beginning of 2021 fiscal years (i.e. the following autumn). And the Treasury will have to promote the sale of “Treasury”. Most likely, higher interest rates on loans.

Here I must say that I believe that it will exceed trillion this year, because nine months is 747 billion.


Projected Federal spending by year


As you can see, the forecast expenditures of the Federal budget of the United States will increase almost two times in the next ten years. And this is possible only in one case – the massive inclusion of the printing press.

So my previous prediction that Washington will go on the scenario of hyperinflation, is confirmed.

And, by the way, many of the election promises of the candidates for the presidency in 2020 will also contribute to a sharp rise in the budget deficit.

Maya McGuinness, President of the NGO “Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget,” called the last budget deal “a total abandonment of fiscal responsibility from the Congress and the President.”

Ha! They are still statistics fake! But just below the…

Margaret Kerins head “BMO Capital Markets”, said that “By 2021 the Treasury will begin to experience problems with the deficit, and they will have to raise interest rates on loans to attract lenders.”

They are positive and optimistic. In fact, they have such problems, because otherwise the fed would not have to drag on the balance sheet “Treasury”.

And now a little of the real economy. A report of the “Independent Budget Office” (Independent Budget Office) in new York, according to which “the Growth in the number of jobs after the great Recession ended in 2009, does not mean real economic growth, because most jobs do not provide full employment”. The average number of hours worked per week decreased fee per hour of work, too, the result was a reduced income of workers.

Specially for Ukrainian commentators, who just recently was saying to me about the rapid growth in the number of jobs in new York: in ten years, the economy has created 715 thousand jobs in the private sector, showing record employment, the average workweek was reduced in 2018 to 34.1 hours. And this trend is continuing in the current year.

And since the U.S. is universally practiced daily, it is… workers ‘ incomes are reduced. The average salary increased (without taking into account inflation!) for ten years, only 2%.

In fact, the reduction of working hours is equal to the equivalent of 164 thousand jobs.

Moreover, these researchers fully confirm the words of a Rogers that the number of high-paying jobs is shrinking, and the newly created are “lower-paying positions” (i.e. low-paying), mainly in the sector of “home health care”, that is, nurses – the sector grew by 37%. Significantly increased the number of bartenders and waitresses.

And where to take up highly qualified employment, if the “Boeing”, “General electric”, “Ford” and “Dzheneral motors” report another loss-making quarter, and planned staff reductions? That’s it.

Well, the icing on the cake: South Korea lodges a claim with the WTO for $ 350 million for violation of United States international trade rules. And, the funny thing is, the reason taken back to the activities of the Obama administration. Six years of waiting until the opportunity presents itself.

On hegemonic bark for even yesterday’s colonies and satellites. Waiting for claims from Georgia, the Baltic States and Ukraine. Although these are still Estonians, until they reach the last…

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