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In Ukraine delivery will be completely free

From 1 April 2020 for each new mother the national health service of Ukraine will pay medicinskim institutions 8500 hryvnia (about 355 U.S. dollars). This is stated in the story “Television news service”. Photo source: In the stated amount includes physiological childbirth and caesarean section, drugs, house, medical aid in critical States. If the hospital staff will request the mothers the money for standard services, it risks losing a contract with the National health service. The need to adjust the work of the maternity hospitals in Ukraine is long overdue. It was reported that virtually all hospitals in the country has a “voluntary contribution” through the cashier of the hospital, and sometimes the money went directly into the hands of the doctor. In an interview for TSN young mother Oksana said that in the maternity hospitals of Ukraine has a “medical racket”. Of the costs of services she was told right after the one she crossed the threshold of the hospital. Normal delivery, she was managed in the amount of 8 thousand hryvnias. According to the medical reform with 2020 delivery for women will be completely free, that is, the standard package will be paid for by the state. Additionally, to earn the hospital on the wards improved, as well as the service of a personal physician.
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