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Named the British cities with the most loveful inhabitants

Every year analysts examine various areas of the planet to make ratings and to select leaders in this scope. In addition, they explore and interpersonal relationships. Recently they have made a rating of cities of Britain,inhabited by passionate people.

It is reported that the results of the study provided by the publication The Sun. According to the results of the rankings were 11 British cities. To identify the «hottest» residents, a survey was conducted among couples. They were asked only 1 question, which asked about the number of times a week that I dedicate my beloved love.

According to voting results, the hottest city was Leicester, which 87.5% of respondents said that they do love more than 1 time a week. Second place went to Manchester and 79.4% of couples. TOP 5 leading causes Liverpool with the index is 64.7 %, which, in all probability, hovers the spirit «Belovskogo» mood and provokes passion in the relationship.

The British city with the most restrained partners became Bristol. Only 30% of the respondents frankly admitted on the number of days that they pay the full maintenance of a love relationship. According to the rating he took the last 11th place.

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