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Non-existent Russian frigate were better than the American destroyers

Russian frigates of project 22 350M in its capabilities surpass the us destroyers Arleigh Burke, and not inferior to even the American missile cruisers of the Ticonderoga. This writes Lenta.ru referring to the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences on information policy, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkova.

The Destroyer Arleigh Burke. Photo: wikipedia.org

According to the authoritative Russian expert, the data on a new Russian ship that exists only in the project documentation, «for the most part classified.» However, for the known (standard or full — information on this issue is also not disclosed) displacement (8,000 tons) and number of cells for launch strike missiles (48 units)», you can imagine about the shape of the ship».

Doctor of military science involves, in particular, that the Russian ship will be manufactured using stealth-technology, and the number of cells for missiles of various types on the frigate project 22 350 m can reach 120 that is greater than the number of cells (96) the destroyers Arleigh Burke, but comparable to their number (122) of the cruisers of the type Ticonderoga.

«So we can say: the frigate project 22 350 M for its combat capability in quantitative terms, weapons similar to the American cruiser and destroyer is superior. On this basis it can be argued that our ship deserves reclassification as at least a light cruiser,» — concludes the expert.

In February 2018 Sivkov suggested to protect the Earth from asteroid danger of thermonuclear megarace, which «will require only 25-30 percent of the current American military budget» (approximately 210 billion dollars).

Over the last 35 years in the United States has built about 70 destroyers Arleigh Burke and approximately 30 missile cruisers of the Ticonderoga. For the last 15 years in Russia created only 2 frigates of the far sea zone project 22 350, on the basis of which it is planned to develop the project 22 350 M.
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