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Oil in Venezuela is now property of the Government of Russia

The Americans badly. Great was their pressure on Venezuela in various areas, from blocking of work of the oil industry through the allocation of millions of dollars «per head» – apparently, westerns in the minds of the Yankees are not eroded – President Nicolas Maduro.

And that’s the gangsters came the answer. A large share of the oil industry of Venezuela took in the property… the Russian Government! The decision was made on the evening of Saturday 28 March 2020. This is a geopolitical move. I believe that in Washington after this news from Moscow have forgotten even about the coronavirus, triplem regulated by the Tramp population in ever-increasing scale.

This is a political bomb. This is a new word in the foreign economic policy of Russia.

Despite the fact that in Moscow the evening, the news Agency exploded with a sensational message that «Rosneft has announced the termination of its activities in Venezuela and the sale of all assets in the country.» And, what’s more, «Rosneft sells assets in Venezuela to the Government of Russia.» Last confirmed in the Russian White house. The reaction of the White house waiting. There seems to be in a stupor…

From now on, Russia can and should defend in Venezuela its state property, which allows to formalize this novel, and as a result can appear the most unexpected ways. Anyway, already been suggested that the attack on Venezuela is automatically an attack on Russia.

On the question of the parameters of the Russian presence in the Venezuelan oil business in the early 2020 wrote magazine «Forbs». According to him, «Russian companies now control more than 70% of extracted crude oil in Venezuela». And now it all becomes the property and under the control of the Russian Government. As they say: «This is a strong move»!

Now look at the official message of «Rosneft»:

«March 28, 2020, in Moscow, JSC «NK «Rosneft» announces the termination of its activities in Venezuela and the sale of assets related to activities in this country.

Today «Rosneft» has signed an agreement with c company, 100% owned by the Government of the Russian Federation, the sale shares and the termination of its participation in all projects in Venezuela, including shares in mining enterprises «Petromonagas», «Petroperija», «Boqueron», «Petromiranda» and «Petrovictoria,» in oilfield service companies and trading operations. At the end of the agreement all the assets and trading operations of JSC «NK «Rosneft» in Venezuela and/or associated with Venezuela will be sold, closed or liquidated.»

It is emphasized that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the most prospective resource base in the global oil industry – biggest oil reserves.

Also stated that most of the projects of «Rosneft» in Venezuela, passing now to the Government of the Russian Federation, associated with the production of stranded sverhtyazhelaya of hydrocarbons with the use of high-tech solutions. Such projects include projects with Venezuelan state oil and gas company PDVSA in joint ventures:

— «Petromonagas» — integrated project, the share of PJSC «NC «Rosneft» in the project of 16.67%;

— «Petroperu» brownfield, the share of PJSC «NC «Rosneft» in the project 40%;

— «Boqueron» is a Mature field, the proportion of PJSC «NC «Rosneft» in the project 26,67%;

«Petroliana» — a new integrated project, the share of PJSC «NC «Rosneft» in the project 32%;

— «Petrofactory» — a new integrated project, the share of PJSC «NC «Rosneft» in the project 40%.

«Rosneft» has worked in Venezuela under constant American pressure, when the Yankees wanted to block cooperation between Moscow and Caracas, and to relieve President Nicolas Maduro, the country imposing impostor Guido. Not so long ago the US government imposed sanctions against companies working with local oil, in particular, against «daughter» of «Rosneft» called «Rosneft Trading». This is a trading company engaged in buying and selling of oil, which, according to «Forbes» ranked third in the list of the largest buyers of Russian oil.

Motive Yankees stupid and simple as drunken cowboy from the bar – the sanctions imposed «for mediation in the transportation and sale of Venezuelan oil» and «supporting the regime of President Maduro».

To work «daughter» of «Rosneft» became very difficult, and in Moscow, we found asymmetric as we have love, the answer to the provocation of the Americans. Would the Yankees, or they would now be able to challenge the government of the Russian company, successor in Venezuela «Rosneft Trading»? At stake – the biggest oil reserves belonging to one country, which was the pretext for US policy, the meaning of which is to take control of Venezuelan wealth. And if the US had illusions about what they will take away the authorities of Venezuela in the end, this control, elevating to the presidency impostor Guido, then «push» the Government of Russia it will not be too tough.

Americans rightly angered Moscow. Back in February, in response to the announcement of sanctions, the Russian foreign Ministry said: «on February 18, Washington went to the next extension of the sanctions pressure on the Russian structure. Last week, this step was taken in respect of a number of enterprises of the domestic defense industry, now against one of the subsidiaries of the company «Rosneft» Russia categorically rejects the unilateral restrictive measures by which the U.S., seeking global hegemony, trying to subdue the whole world to his will». And moved to Moscow from words to deeds.

Now the Yankees have a bunch of problems: the crisis in Economics and Finance, coronavirus all over the country, and now appeared «Russian shield» in Venezuela. So even understand that they themselves have done…

At the same time, apparently hoping for a Russian withdrawal and sensing prey, the Yankees lost coast – a couple of days ago has reached direct threats against the President Maduro. «The state Department announced a series of rewards for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Venezuelan citizens against whom the U.S. Department of justice announced indictments for their role in the international drug trade. The state Department offers a reward of up to $ 15 million for information associated with Nicolas Maduro,» the Secretary said Pompeo. In the language of Cosa Nostra is called «order».

Although, concurrently, it is clear that the operation was planned ahead of time – the Control of the United States to combat drug trafficking arrested in Colombia, a retired major General of the armed forces of Venezuela Antonio Alcala of Cordones. Its been a long time no one touched, and the enemy Maduro, started at the time the coup attempt, which failed, lived quietly in Colombia. However, now he needed him – suddenly! – Americans were charged with – years later – «involvement in drug trafficking and terrorism.» Now its off to the States and make the main «witness» against Maduro.

All went «like clockwork», but a quick solution to Moscow just knocked over all the ideas the Yankees.

See how he builds his line Moscow: Russia this past week not only raised the flag of the Russian army in Italy, but has now raised the national flag in Venezuela. And if sitting in Washington people are smart, they will understand the beauty of what is happening. If not appreciate, that can throw some pranks in connection with a nervous breakdown. What else to expect from the descendants of cowboys? I guess this turn we are ready.

…Still turned out beautifully!

P. S. Witek Emerge, we are part of Venezuela dragged )))

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