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Tuesday , October 15 2019

Palm oil. The benefits and harms

Palm oil made from the fruit of the oil palm. And the oil extracted from the seeds of this palm, called palm kernel oil. In Russia began to use palm oil recently. It is perfect for baking and confectionery products, particularly those intended for long term storage. Currently, widespread palm …

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Four students detained at the open house MSU

Four students detained at the open Day. They had asked the rector Victor Sadovnichy, why isn’t he interested in the fate of the arrested graduate student Azat miftahova. According to “OVD-info”, activists of the Initiative group of Moscow state University and “Indefinite protest” — two girls and two boys — …

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The funeral in the Soviet Union, as it was

  So, friends — today will be an interesting and long-planned a post about the Soviet funeral. As you probably already know — the Soviet government tried to get involved in all areas of people’s private lives, imposing their rituals and traditions, and funerals here, too, were no exception. However, …

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