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Friday , January 17 2020

News review on 03.12.2019

  1.The shortage of personnel in Russia Speaking at a video conference to the participants of the National championship WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 2030 may be a shortage of qualified personnel. The shortage may reach 3 million people. 2.In the Chelyabinsk region brought a batch of …

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How to survive without money?

Poor life – a heavy burden. When any waste is a burden, I want to go out the window. How to survive on low wages, to send her daughter to the best University and still have time to relax, to buy expensive things, and in no need said the poorest …

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Analyst: Situation in Europe may deteriorate

The situation for the Russian currency this week is the “may change”, and “worse”. This opinion was expressed Director of the Academy of management Finance and investment Mr. Dadashov. “At least the preconditions for this are. First, the tax period, which ended on Friday, leaving the stage, and with it …

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