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Thursday , February 27 2020

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 5S: is there a difference?


Yesterday we wrote about the official announcement of the smartphone Apple iPhone SE, but today found that the majority of Internet users are very skeptical of this new product. Still, after all Apple is trying not just to offer and the right to sell outdated gadget with the design three …

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Volvo will roll car sales XC70 and S80 in Russia


Swedish company Volvo has announced the reduction of its own model line in the territory of our country in the near future in Russia will stop selling cars S80 and XC70. Information provided personally Michael Malmsten, President of the Russian division of the auto giant. Speech about leaving the Swedish …

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Why Russia was not accepted into NATO


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said recently that “Russia’s aggressive behavior is trying to split the Alliance.” However, the official is sure that NATO is a close-knit organization and in response will only increase their strength. Funny, but a cohesive statement about the ranks of NATO comes amid the refusal …

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The Russian middle class… Ordered to destroy


A bystander Jamon today in Russia it is accepted to call any “excesses” that status is slightly higher than Kartka herring, aspirin and a trip on the tram… The desire to live humanly today announced soriginalnichat a betrayal of the homeland. Are fed, clothed, shod? What you still need? War …

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Belarus in suicide cycle: life from loan to loan


But Moscow could not dictate to Minsk their proposals in this regard. The Belarusian establishment must ripen before any realistic and rotary solutions. This coming Friday will be exactly a month after February 2016, the Supreme Council of the Union state. On this occasion it is worth mentioning that the …

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1395 happy New year!


<iframe src=”&lt;a href=” https:=”” <a=”” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>”” video=”” 158749193?wmode=”opaque”” rel=”nofollow”>” frameborder=”0″ width=”500″ height=”283″></iframe> Dear friends!You probably already know that today, March 20, by the Iranian calendar: the first day of spring and the first day of the Persian new year – Nowruz. Our New year always coincides with the vernal …

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New old electric car


Is there a future for personal transport on the batteries Electric cars are back in fashion: every self-respecting brand seeks to release “car batteries”. However, sales are small: even the icon of modern “eco-friendly-electric” movement — the company Tesla Motors is working at a loss. “” has decided to understand …

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Is there life outside Moscow?


I’ve talked before about that country’s real estate market is in a difficult situation: too many projects, but the demand is now very low. Many projects simply idle without customers or selling not more than 20-25 per cent houses have already been built. So it turns out that suburban developers …

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