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Wednesday , September 18 2019

Vacation in Russia “all inclusive”

The one who was not in Russia, we have not seen the world. So we can say about our country, which is the largest and multinational. The diversity of flora and fauna so widely that absolutely leaves no one indifferent. The tradition of the Russians – a separate issue. Rest …

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What do you mean Egypt for Russian tourists


To make it clear that Egypt represents for many of our citizens, enough to see the amount of Luggage, which these days is taken out of the sides of the emergencies Ministry, the defense Ministry and the company “Volga-Dnepr” on the Egyptian resorts. The photo content is just one an-124 …

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10 unknown facts about the Faroe Islands

10 FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE FAROE ISLANDS Faroe Islands – picturesque part of the world, renowned for its magnificent views. But what do we know about this de facto independent territory under the control of Denmark, besides the fact that it’s beautiful? How many people live there? How …

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Fishing frost is not a hindrance


Always interesting to fish in unfamiliar water. So when the opportunity came to go fishing on Yauza reservoir, I gladly agreed. Because I’ve never been. Wanted to go to a new place, to test the so-called “rocker”, to try their own homemade jigs, to work new rod, etc. Plans were …

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Fishing on the Volga pikeperch during


At some point of time I suddenly began to realize that my practice of ice fishing fish appeared a separate page – fishing Bursch. Until then, the Bursch has always been regarded by me as bycatch when fishing for Zander. But eventually I got a separate place where I go …

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The check boxes on ice


Piercing in the silence hear a loud click, and over the snow-covered plateau rising into the air a bright red box tackles. Bite! Fisherman in a hurry to tackle, a thousand times the thoughts are born and die: “Holds or not? Maybe quit? No, like holding a… Oh, go blow …

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Shortly after freeze-up


Every angler on the river is their favorite destination. Someone who likes rifts, someone who specializes in pits. Anyone interested to fish for asps with sandy or rocky spits, and someone feeds and catch fish in quiet pools. I also have a characteristic the place where I most often find …

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As “sit” roaches?


Due to a number of reasons it is not always possible to effectively catch a roach on mormyshka without a nozzle. This is in sharp breaks in the weather, when low activity is the fish in the local spots where the fishing is “on game” it quickly is alarming. Also …

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Common pot


The smell of burning alarmed the subconscious Ivan Kolesov and took shape in the thought: “I could Not so quickly come to the hut”. Ivan turned off the profile and went towards the smell. Taiga in this quarter there was a thick, windproof winds, and shreds of smoke, entangled in …

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Rogozin wished the Baghdad of the early release of Mosul


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is currently in Baghdad with a working visit, expressed hope that the Iraqi army in the near future will release terrorists from Mosul and other areas of Iraq. “I hope that the next session on Iraq of our bilateral Commission will be held …

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