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Friday , January 17 2020



Probably the most painful fears are those that relate to the most important life processes. For example, there is a fear of food or a phobia of water procedures in any manifestation. As you know, the person needs to meet all the needs, with which he was endowed by nature. …

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A fairly common type of fear – in every way the authors of textbooks on phobias give examples of celebrities who were afraid… of cats! Well, in fact, pass such a weakness in such a “great and terrible” like Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon? However, those who suffer from ailurophobia, care …

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If a person is afraid of heights, fire or say, high waves – it is quite understandable. If he is afraid to get under the car, which suddenly POPs up from behind a corner or worries about the possibility of an accident when behind the wheel – it already a …

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Use in pregnancy fish improves IQ child


Spanish scientists have discovered that children whose mothers ate 3-4 servings of fish a week during pregnancy had higher IQ scores than children whose mothers ate less fish. They also found that eating fish during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of developing autism in the child. “Eating too much …

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Honey can save a life, destroying dangerous fungi


British scientists have found that honey has a destructive effect on pathogenic fungi, which can lead to fatal infections in people with weak immune systems. Researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK found a powerful connection between a medicinal type of honey called “Surgihoney” and the destruction of …

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A new cause of obesity


Can’t lose weight? Scientists find new cause of obesity. Experts believe that there are some changes in the sixth chromosome, which “develops” not only obesity, but also some types of behavioral and mental abnormalities. This genetic syndrome scientists explain why people with obesity are not able to control your appetite …

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The ravens have found a conscience


Photo: Lukas Schulze / AP Biologists have found the ravens one of the main properties of consciousness — the ability to evaluate the thought processes of competitors. The results of the research, the authors published in the journal Nature Communications, and briefly reported in a press release, University of Houston, …

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