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Tuesday , October 15 2019

The state of terror

This place is my “replica” much more appropriate would be the text of the letter Svetlana Prokopieva. The more that I am ready to sign and to support not only her, but every word she wrote in this letter. Svetlana did not justify terrorism. Terrorism can never be justified. But …

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Putin gave a diamond Boxing glove

President Vladimir Putin met on the sports show with Russian boxers, and they gave him a diamond Boxing glove. It happened at the exhibition “Modern sport. Innovations and prospects” in the international sports forum “Russia – sports power”. The President inspected the exhibition Stand of Federation of Boxing of Russia, …

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Decrepit elite of old Russia

The age of Putin’s associates affect their mindset. This is important, but experts believe that the main problem of tenure. Those who today run the country, most have long since crossed the 60-year age mark. They do not understand, and do not consider it necessary to delve into. How all …

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