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Poland refused oil from Russia

In April Poland will not acquire any party of oil of the Russian Urals oil via the sea port of Gdansk. Russian raw materials, the country will replace Saudi.

A record of 560 thousand tons of Arab Light will become Poland this month. Moreover, Warsaw is going to continue to buy Saudi oil in significant volumes, writes Reuters.

From the Russian “black gold” Warsaw refused, but the Polish refineries worked mainly on the Russian oil since the construction of the oil pipeline “Druzhba” in the 1960-ies.

We will remind that it not the first refusal of the Polish side of the raw material from Russia in April of last year, Poland had stopped the transit of Russian oil via “Friendship”. Then the operator of the Polish section of the trunk pipeline PERN wrote that the cause of failure in poor quality raw materials. However, in June of the same year the operator has resumed the transit of Russian oil is clean at the point of reception “Adam” on the Polish-Belarusian border.


This time, the quality of Urals, the Polish side did not show claims. However, the price of Saudi Arabia were for many years friends of Russia on the oil market much more attractive. Riyadh “processed” Warsaw – Finanz quotes words of the representative of the refining company:

– The demand is falling and competition between providers intensifies. Saudi Arabia is struggling to “handle” the buyer. Probably Russia also needs to think about some special offers.

Suffering from the loss of European refiners Saudi Aramco has offered a deferred payment up to three months. While quarantine measures have brought down the traffic of road transport in the EU, and the tanks that’s it exhausts its volume.

The demand for oil is in Asia. In the Asian market Saudi Aramco said double discounts, cutting the price tag by $3-5 per barrel depending on the brand, as well as the extension of up to 90 days.

– Reduced prices of Saudi Aramco for buyers in Asia, says that they aim to sell to the East, says the source, Recalling that this is actually the last market, which counts Russia and that the struggle continues despite the joint statement.

Steps of Riyadh in the Asian market has hit the Russian varieties Sokol and ESPO, which had fallen in price to level off at $6 a barrel to Asian benchmark Dubai. One of the parties was sold at a record discount of $8 per barrel.

Recall that following the deal, OPEC+, the quota of the Russian side was twice as large as Saudi – 2.3 million 1.3 million barrels against Moscow, according to the agreement, should reduce production to the level of 2002.

Meanwhile, benchmark Brent have fallen in price to record levels the past 20 years.



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