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Professional treatment of joint mud

Unfortunately, not all diseases of the joints can be cured once and for all. For some illnesses, experts have been unable to create an effective drug. However, modern techniques have helped to develop unique ways that support the health of the patient and acumen debilitating disease of the joints. To this end, and opened the sanatorium for the treatment of joints mud, and for therapeutic recreation.

This institution became the sanatorium Yurmino, which is located in Saky and is engaged in therapy of the following diseases of the locomotor apparatus:

  • Inflammatory, metabolic and degenerative abnormalities in the joints (such as arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, ankylosing spondylitis – Bekhterev’s disease and more)
  • Post-traumatic types of arthritis, contracture of joint, arthrosis, bone callus
  • Tenosynovitis, myositis, bursitis, and other similar deviations
  • When recovering from back surgery, intervertebral disc, joint
  • Therapy of diseases such as scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis
  • Recovery after fractures

Therapy to three weeks. After that, you can feel the following changes:

  • Several times improved the motor activity of the organism
  • Significantly decreases pain
  • There is a stabilization function vertebrogenic nature and more.

Therapy of locomotor apparatus in the medical institution is located in Crimea, is primeneniem healing Saki mud.

Mud treatment in a sanatorium is applied using the technology of “compact mud”. The main idea of the method lies in the fact that the specialists of mud is applied a layer of about three inches, followed by wrap the patient in a special warm electric blanket. Using the conservation of heat at a certain level during the whole procedure several times increases the Wellness effect of treatment mud.

It should be noted that in this resort the mud is never used again!

The effectiveness of the treatment

Experts conducted a survey, which found out that in the sanatorium “Yurmino” approximately 96 percent of patients were able to completely overcome back pain, but remission was more from one month to one year.

Reduced the number of exacerbations. Eighty five percent of patients who have trauma to the brain, normal sleep and left migraines. Sixty percent of patients with an injured spinal cord are talking about improvement of functions of pelvic organs. While one hundred percent of patients admitted that they have improved mood and have risen overall vitality!

The cost of treatment can be found on the official website of the resort. In addition, the resort has advisers who will tell you more about the institution and pick the right treatment.

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