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Russian weapons changes the laws of physics


The military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation at the moment is already decades ahead of US.

The Pentagon can do nothing to oppose or strategic systems that support the nuclear balance on the planet, no hypersonic weapon that turns the entire missile system in the United States in a useless heap of scrap metal.

Further back, the us defense industry will drop future weapons technology, under a totally new physical principles. In fact, these weapons simply change all known laws of physics.

About it journalists were told by well-known political and military analyst Yaakov Kedmi, stressing that we are talking about gravitational weapons that the Russian military has at least partially experienced in the field.

The expert noted that the continued isolation of the Russian defence industry from the West has led to significant changes in the former order.

In the United States can no longer deny this fact and recognize that they can not compete with Russia in many spheres of defense industry. The Pentagon and the headquarters of NATO regularly Express their concern about the changed balance of forces and the permanent success of Russian designers.

And while Russian weapons reaches new heights, the Pentagon does not cease to discredit its already highly dubious development, like “leaky” “Patriots” are not able to really resist the modern Russian aviation, or ultra-modern battleships, which are often even in the sea can not get out.

The Americans are desperately trying to change the situation, but nothing comes out. The arms race started, by the way, for the most part that the US played against their initiators.

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