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The anti-2019: none Russian club failed to reach the knockout stages of European competitions

The defeat of the “Krasnodar” Spanish “Getafe” with a score of 0-3 in the Europa League has put a fat point in the claims of the Russian football competitions.

Yesterday in Spain the same “the locomotive” surrendered to Atletico Madrid 0-2 and St. Petersburg “Zenith” – in Portugal – Benfica 0-3. As for CSKA, his last game in European competition of any tournament does not matter, – CSKA all they could have lost before.

Football commentators bewildered discuss the deplorable end of the season. Why? For what? How is that even possible? Why a solid zero on the trips?..

Will Express their point of view on the failure of ALL Russian football. And it is that football is very clearly reflects the state of the economy, which in Russia is the sixth year of marking time, and even in the face of ever-falling incomes.

In Russia there is no private company that could invest or provide professional football clubs at European level. Of course, “Zenith” with “Gazprom” financial hunger is not threatened. But who this “blue” to compete in the RPL, if the absolute majority of opponents of money on top players and top coaches just yet?

And like the big names of sponsors on t-shirts, VTB, LUKOIL, Aeroflot, Rossetti, Rosneft, NLMK… But dig a little deeper and it turns out that the real money from them or a cat laugh, or funds of state corporations is spent so foolishly and furtively, that the football itself nothing remains. Thus before saving subsidies in regional budgets and various handouts from the local barons. But today, the budgets make up a deficit, and the priority is not football, and execution of the may decrees Putin. A good example is “Rostov”, which local authorities would be happy to help, nothing…

Save the situation could have some new “stars” of the economy. But in our field there are no stagnant from the word “quite”. As there is no investment in real production.

It is also clear that Russian football has never recovered after the double devaluation of the ruble. Buy aliens by 2010 nobody can. But those that have – level Bulgarian of “Ludogorets”, which CSKA lost with the devastating account.

So what offense we have no one. Except on your own government and Rosstat who trust in any future growth of all.

One pleases: the end of the domestic championship coming spring promises an equal struggle of all the clubs discounts on what someone walks across the field in anticipation of the European games will be gone.

However, the name of the champion is already known – “Zenit”.

And this is also pure Economics: if the number one company in the country – “Gazprom”, the command number one – “Zenit”. All the others in the case of what is possible and push the “right” judges, superiors, RPL, Federation, sports Ministry, and if necessary – and only the Council of Ministers.

National treasure after all…

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