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The end of the operation, “the President”

What was expected: the pompous project TASS “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” ordered to live long. Not reached, not reached end, the project was closed. And the official wording is very correct about the mismatch of the current critical political situation, however, a very smart philosophical approach to life, which showed the President. Are there any questions?
And as all well began, festive, inspirational. The picture is awesome, the President is alive, so simple and familiar. The flesh of the people, almost throws sayings, rhymes. Each such series of the cost quotes on Federal channels, all the news, political talk shows. To remember…

Obviously, it was made to once again show the wisdom of our President, his unprecedented adequacy, and education. But something went wrong.

Whether the interviewer TASS Andrei Vandenko seemed too bold, even a hound, didn’t bow down to the first person: “You’re a genius, your Majesty!” as did many before him. Whether the President thought that is always ready, like the pioneer and the result is a little swam. In General, it so happened that the chief of the country suddenly fell off the skin, husk, and it was exactly as it should be: simple guy, a brother, a soldier… But this way many people in Putin’s entourage somehow did not like.

The more he talked, the clearer I see the gap between our reality stunning and beautiful, very calm, very confident President. Here, in this life terrible, incomprehensible plague, pandemic, death around; there is no reason, no reason crashed our beloved damned ruble to hell; here’s the panic, the cavalry attacks on grocery stores, buying up everything — and there, in his beautiful far away, a wonderful, simple, always right a controlling person. But when this remarkable man began to say something about the “hucksters” of the middle class in the seventeen thousand — all the water is drained… It was already full Alles kaput.

The President’s entourage, those who gives us his beautiful image, realized this three series to the end and stopped the process with a very proper formulation that removes all responsibility from the President. They are smart people, what to say. But the sediment remained. We saw a man very happy, its a hell of backbreaking work, his people, who he understands better than anyone else.

Ordinary viewer, probably, it will swallow and not choke: well, once said — enough is enough, no problem. The problem is that some far-sighted comrades have compared everything that is happening around with wise answers to the President. The result was a complete mismatch, gibberish. And already someone, in spite of such an amazing, worthy, the Board will have a question: and how now, in this moment, when the black swans looming over Russia, Vladimir Putin adequately understands his country. The country he ruled for twenty years. And which will rule for another sixteen.

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