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The Metropolitan police disrupted the opening of the exhibition “Fall plow”

In Moscow, police on 7 October disrupted the opening of the exhibition “Fall Plow” dedicated to the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin on social issues, violence by police and lack of freedom of speech. In the event announcement in Facebook, the organizers called Putin a “celebrant of lawlessness in Russia” and “the guarantor of the degradation of our Motherland.”

Artist and organizer of the exhibition of Veronika Polonskaya told to “Mediazone”, which the gallery DorDor on Khodynka street since Monday morning came the officers of the district Council. They said “take a look” and began to photograph paintings. One of the men asked Polonsky about the painting: “what’s that?” After she explained what is drawn in the paintings, the employee Council “grinned”, the data recorded Polonsky was “to send them on Whatsapp [to authorities]”.

The staff Council called ahead and promised to return. Then the fire came on, although, according to Polonskaya, the test space is not held for two years. According to her, members of the fire inspections were called the authorities, saying: “Then such work must all be removed”. Then came an employee of Rospotrebnadzor and the “raised voices” told the exhibition organizers that the work must be removed.

About five in the evening in the gallery the police came. They advised artists to warn visitors in the group in “Vkontakte” that will not open, and forced the organizers to leave the premises, allegedly due to fire safety violations. Another version of the reasons for the visit, security officials told the TV channel “Rain” one more participant of the exhibition Cyril Zenkov. According to him, the police arrived, stating that the building has no light, although, according to Zenkov, it cut off the police themselves.

“We have closed the room. Now there came the visitors, and nearby there are about 15 nodovtsev and three police cars,” reports Polonskaya, adding that about 15 members of the Pro-Kremlin movement NOD controlled that none of the visitors came to the gallery. The party conducting the exhibition of the “Association of the worst artists” Leo Nesin told that the police had cooked up the door to the room. This information was confirmed by the Polonsky.

According to Nishina, the police at first said that all kicked from the room because of “problems with the bar – there is no corner of the consumer”, but then “admitted that because of the paintings”. Nesin added that the gallery is not the GCD, and staff Council.




The police and the riot police came in opposition to the exhibition “Fall plow”. Video: Veronika Polonskaya

— MBH Media (@MBKhMedia) October 7, 2019.




In September 2018 the activists of the nationalist Pro-Kremlin movement SERB ransacked the exhibition on “Winery” and ruined the exhibit, which allegedly “insulted Putin.” The incident happened at the exhibition “the heavenly Jerusalem”. On it the artist Vasily Slonov shared the fruits of reflection “on the fate of the world in General and the curve of the fate of the Russian civilization in particular.” Another scandalous action associated with the movement, was the failure of exhibition of Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment 2.0” in December 2017.

After the first opening of the exhibition was a scandal in which Senator Elena Mizulina demanded that the Prosecutor’s office to check the exhibition because the organizers allegedly can support child pornography. Her opinion was upheld by the Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova. The next day the Ukrainian unemployed, an activist of the SERB nationalist movement Alexander Petrunko poured sulfurous mud of the work of Sturges. He was arrested for seven days for disorderly conduct, shortly after this incident, the organizers closed the show.

A year later examination found a complete lack of evidence of a crime and the high artistic level of the exhibited works. According to the curator, the losses from the closing of the exhibition, was about one and a half million rubles. A new version of the exhibition called “Without embarrassment 2.0” was opened on 8 December 2017, the exhibition was complemented partially published the conclusion of the Investigation Committee, articles from the media on this case, replicas of the instigators of the September events, fragments of TV shows, to inflate the hype around the exhibition.

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