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The most popular holidays in 2019

The rating of the most popular destinations in 2019. Unfortunately, tourists do not consider rest in Russian cities.

Appeared on the Internet the ranking was compiled, based on past experience of tourists who left their reviews on a particular Internet portal.

It is noted that the directions were chosen by one algorithm, which is based on the analysis of millions reviews from real travelers brought the final list. In addition to the feedback, including considered the ratings of accommodation, availability of sites, and rating of restaurants and cafes nearby.

According to TripAdvisor, the rankings were only twenty-five countries. Leader in the ranking made by the London and then Paris, and in the top three was Rome.

In addition, ten were Crete, Bali and Phuket, as well as Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubai and Marrakech. In General, the Russian open spaces do not fit into modern realities of present-day tourists.

However, the Russians do not worry about this, because from year to year, foreign tourists still visit Russia.

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