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The turnover of the Russian cinemas fell by 95%

Since the Russians are in no hurry to return to cinemas once again, the turnover of Russian cinema in the period 1 to 10 August amounted to only 5% of the values over the same period last year, follows from the data of acquiring business of VTB.

However, as noted in the company, in contrast to Moscow, in other regions of the online purchase of tickets increased three times.

Russian cinema has stopped sessions in the spring because of the pandemic, COVID-19. In Moscow, they re-opened on 1 August, in some regions in June-July, depending on the epidemiological situation.

1 to 10 August, the demand for watching movies on the big screen fell sharply compared with August last year. In the whole of Russia the cost of the tickets has dropped to 5% from the values of August 2019, in Moscow – to 4.9%, in other regions – up to 5.4%.

In Moscow more likely to buy tickets directly at the cinema – the volume of purchases this year is 20% of the past, while booking e-tickets only 3 per cent. In regions the situation is reversed: if the turnover in the framework of POS-acquiring fell by 95%, the online purchase of tickets has grown to three times the volume and six times the number of transactions.

Vice-President VTB, the Director of the Department acquiring Alexei Kirichek noted that August is traditionally the «low season» for cinemas in Russia due to the fact that people go on vacation. The situation is also complicated by the principle of the chess Seating in the cinema, which also limits its occupancy rate is at least 50%. In addition, deferred rental grossing films, film premieres and many potential viewers have already watched in online-cinemas online.

Kirichek believes that cinemas will recover longer than other segments of entertainment. The rating of VTB, a return to last year’s figures now, perhaps not before the end of the year when the car will be released traditionally popular new year’s premiere.

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