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The West globally raised the question about the power: will he be able to solve it?

In the popular presentation summarized the public nature of power, the substance and the insolubility of the inner mythological, ideological, political and economic contradictions of the modern West, inexorably and inevitably brought the question of power in the agenda of all mankind.

Very briefly, but popular about the nature and means of power.

Simulacra of money is the means and the highest titles of institutional power of Finance capital over the process of social reproduction.

However, any funds and titles of power effective as such only insofar as this plays the most institutional power, titles and assets where they are, because this institutional power is and preserves itself as such.

In other words, any simulacra of real money as money and titles power only insofar and so, because how real is that specific institutional power over the process of social reproduction, the means and the titles of which are critical (specific) simulacra of money.

Since we are talking about power over the process of social reproduction, insofar this authority is in reality nothing but private property of large social groups on well-defined means of production, and through this private property also in the private appropriation of the fruits (products) obtained by the application of these means of production.

What means of production? Those are the means of production, without which all other social groups, can’t reproduce neither themselves nor society as a whole.

What is private property in reality? It is private production and private appropriation, for the property is identical and the production and appropriation as the production of identical to the assignment and ownership, and appropriation of identity of ownership and production.

What is private enterprise? It is commodity production, or, otherwise, it is the production of goods, but in its developed form it (commodity production) is the production of all that is produced exclusively and only as goods as capital.

Private is not the same, neither individual nor family. It is a derivative not of the individual, but part and any part is always a part of a whole. Every social group is part of society. Every nation or a people (= nation-state as the universal institutional social organization of the totality of the citizens of this bourgeois state) is a part of humanity.

Therefore, private property (= private enterprise = private appropriation) are private property (= private enterprise = private appropriation) not only individuals, families, social groups within the same nation or of the nation, but also of the peoples, or Nations, if they segregated their production as private production (= the production of commodities as = as a private assignment = as private property).

Private property (private production = commodity production), as well as power based on this private property (commodity production), is reproduced in society only to the extent that this society is reproduced, as a minimum, submission and obedience from all its members to all institutions, due to this private property in the first place.

And only in so far secondly, as played, at least, the obedience and discipline of all persons authorized by this private property (private or commercial manufacturing) to implement it (private property = production) power, forcing all members of this society, to respect the institutions, due to this private property.

But what is the power? Power – always someone else’s power over something and someone. She always has the power someone specifically about something and someone specific. Power is someone’s mogosesti or otherwise, the practical ability of data to specific people or groups of people (subjects) to carry out its will, subordinating her will the sum of other entities.

Submission to others ‘ wills is not achieved except through the application of material force or threat of its application, is systematically confirm the inevitability of the effective use of such forces in case of disobedience (disobedience to) any of that aggregate other persons the will of the subject of power.

Material force power acts not alone of material strength of special units for the implementation of violence against the totality of others in the possession of the person or people who has the power over this group of people and each of those is part of it.

Embodied in special groups violence material power does not exist without the necessary for its creation and reproduction of livelihoods and instruments of violence. And they need not only to make timely in the necessary and sufficient quantity but also to assign to those who keep these groups of violence.

Then we must timely distribute the funds between all members of such groups for the violence. But this is not enough without reproduction ability of each of the members of such groups individually, and all of them taken together effectively to use means of violence in strict accordance with the will of the subject of this power.

The Roman “Imperium” is precisely the power set primarily military (armed) violence and based on the inevitability of armed violence in the case of any insubordination (disobedience) of this power.

However, the total material strength of special units for the implementation of the violence against people rests not alone on this whale and on two pillars.

It is clear that the first kit is a private commodity production (= private appropriation) of material wealth which is necessary and sufficient for the reproduction abilities of these special units for violence with the required efficiency on the scale required.

At the same time, other than private appropriation (= private production) material wealth as goods, material power is the ideology that justifies and sanctifies (legitimizes) the government and its ongoing violence, but to the extent that this ideology actually owns the masses.

The second Foundation on which rests the material strength of special units of the violence is the ideology that owns the General masses and masses of special units for the implementation of the violence, especially that in normal conditions is not obvious. But in terms of confrontation with other parties that are contesting the current owners of power it becomes extremely obvious the absolute necessity and often the decisive role of ideology, knowledge of the relevant masses.

The formal publication of laws and the imposition of the envisaged rules of conduct, abolishing private property (commodity production), the abolition and prohibition of private property (= private industry = private appropriation) and of commodity production the power of the law to change anything in reality, essentially can not.

If the company cannot reasonably reproduce itself otherwise than through commodity production, it will reproduce itself through commodity production, no matter how it is made and not mutilated prohibitions, criminal and other prosecutions, as well as various ideological renamings.

The power of historically specific social form of private property (= private industry = private appropriation) is reproduced until then, thirdly, while there are other means of production that do not integrate organically into this public form of private property. But it is not any means of production, and only those whose practical application objectively requires and forces society to change of practical relevance to the organic nature of man, abolishing this historically obsolete – public form of private property.

And finally, fourth, the power of private property (= private industry = private appropriation) are generally reproduced only as long as the goal of social production is necessary is not man as man, and the production of material wealth (including human reproduction as a means of production – like labor, or, otherwise, as human capital). She played until the person is objectively forced to remain means of production of material wealth and instead be a direct goal of social production.

Must and inevitably is only a means of production, insofar as he has not yet emerged directly from the process of production of the means of life, as well as from the process of commodity production in all branches of production of means of production of those means of life, with the exception of the process of production of technological science.

Some policy-relevant conclusions.

Of the public nature of the power over all mankind in General and each of its state separate organic parts should a number of conclusions.

The first of them: concrete simulacra of money (e.g. US dollars, euros or yuan) as funds and titles of power in any given period of time in the real world only in so far as the institutional power of the US, EU or China over the world of all others is recognized as the highest institutional authority.

Higher institutional power over the world power USA, EU or China is recognised to the extent respectively of the United States, the European Union or China is able to implement the only and almost nothing in substance and in General (not in detail, not in particular) are undeniable “Imperial power” in the world.

As long as China or the European Union will find necessary and sufficient in the current historical conditions of mogosesti actually establish and reproduce its Imperial power over the world is the Imperial power of the United States, they will recognize US as the Supreme power over the world. And the US national currency (whatever it’s called) will remain the dominant world currency – world currency.

Up to then, the European Union and China, like anyone else, will assist the U.S. Government and the fed not only to maintain Pax Americana, but also in the implementation of sanctions determined by the United States Government violators. In particular, they in fact will continue to regularly bear the burden of the sanctions imposed on each of them (including the European Union, and China) with the US Government and the fed, while continuing in their private interests to engage with US in a separate continuous and collective (as appropriate) bargaining.

No monopoly on metallic gold, nor even a monopoly on the issue of performing the function of world currency simulacra of money, not excluding all the so-called cryptocurrencies themselves are never given, not will, because I can not give, institutional power, especially Supreme power, over the world.

Without the necessary financial base in the form of processimage in the production of commodities capital neither metallic gold, performing the function of money, nor, especially, the simulacra of money are not real power except the power of their private owners exclusively and only above this mass of gold or Blanc issued by their simulacra of money that nobody wants.

Pax Americana Empire of global first and the last.

“Axiom positive balance of trade and balance of payments” determines the thinking not only monetarists but also of all the bourgeois economists at all. It is inherited from the classical era of monetary circulation. The export of goods and services (exports), according to this axiom, must exceed their importation (import) and the amount of payments to other countries must be less than payment of all other countries in favor of this country.

Treatment simulacra and West, and the rest of the world is treated the same as the circulation of money, and is regulated in principle by the same rules as the circulation of money. Equally, through the simulacra of money allocation of goods is not considered as distribution and redistribution of goods, but of commodity-money circulation and regulated as commodity-money circulation. A different understanding and use of the simulacra of money social practice of bourgeois society and the bourgeois, including the so-called scientific, consciousness is not given because not available to them because they are not appropriate.

However, the simulacra of money is not only the titles and means of institutional power over the process of social production, or coupons for the right to claim goods for their private appropriation, but also the means of expropriation of goods.

In the complete withdrawal of money from the economy and their total replacement simulacra of money exports of goods from the US over their importation directly contradicts the needs of the reproduction of capital used in the United States in the production of real use-values.

Expanded reproduction in the United States capital in kind requires that the importation into the U.S. of goods, expressed in natural units, exceeded the export of goods from the United States, also expressed in natural units. Why?

If the export of goods from the United States exceed imports, the United States, first, must be a “world factory”, the global dominance which is not reduced, but tends to increase historically a long period, not more than half a Kondratieff cycles, as it was from the 1880s to the turn of 1950-60-ies.

The great Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression in the United States has created the best conditions for the export in nature processimage American capital into the Soviet Union and Germany. The great Depression in Britain, France and other European countries, except Germany, the USSR, and partly Italy, thug processorsa capital in Europe no less effective than systematic fighting mass armies, but not in the course of the year, but gradually and methodically over decades. Systematic fighting of World war II, started a “civil war” in Spain, and the massive bombing of Germany by U.S. aircraft, with the participation also of British aviation completed the rout processorbased capital of Europe.

Processorsi capital is the capital that, in contrast to the capital used in the stock markets, etc., is directly applicable (especially in nature) in the production process (= processes in the production) of goods.

Sustainable long-term (over several decades) exports of goods on their importation, secondly, there is not just the export of commodity capital in nature, but the trend, at least, a steady slowing down (up to negative) in comparison with other countries growth in material composition and cost of capital. This means the trend to actual loss of global dominance of the US, at least, as a “world factory”.

Restoring or increasing global dominance of the US as a “world factory” requires consistent restriction of the export of technological science, then of the means of production for means of production and finally of the means of production to produce means of life. It consistently makes exports mainly to the export of the means of life, i.e. things and services (works) production of use-unlike items and services (works) the productive consumption.

The alternative is a periodic destruction of the production capacity of material wealth throughout the rest of the world except the USA (and by which wars or crises of overproduction, mass bankruptcies – this is a means of solving the problem, but not the task that requires the inevitable practical solutions).

But if the United States ceases to be the “world’s factory”, the sustainable preservation of positive balance of export/import use values in nature will inevitably lead to the United States to the deficit of use of value in kind. Consequently, the import of the use of value in kind in the United States must exceed their export in nature, in the second. It is on the US side.

On the side of the rest of the world (excluding USA) sustainable strengthening of the global dominance of the United States as the “world factory” will inevitably lead through crises of overproduction of goods and services in kind and the mass destruction of their manufacturers to a consistent relative reduction of their production in kind, in the third.

Therefore, fourth, it inevitably leads to sustainable growth in the world, except the United States, the relative scarcity of not only the USD but also all the other simulacra of money in their terms of USD.

Because of this, fifth, the United States as the center of global peace will inevitably have to either permanently reduce the total value of the simulacrum in the prices of exported mass of use-values, growing quantitatively in physical terms, and the farther, the more, or “throw dollars from helicopters” around the world, except the United States.

Conclusions about the inevitability of “throwing simulacra money from helicopters” masters of modern monetarism voiced not only in the US but for all leading “brilliant second” (= “developed economies”), although these findings motivated were different views on the necessity of this action.

In fact, during the “interwar period” and the 2nd world war, the goods and services exported from the U.S. in exchange for metallic gold or United States dollars under the Bretton Woods agreements, and to this day – were alienated exclusively and only for US dollars. Which could not lead to an accumulation in a world of ever-increasing masses of US dollars.

Why the alternative to “throwing dollars” at the world inevitably is a reduction in the total value of the simulacrum of the prices of exported consumer costs?

Because resulting from the trend towards sustainable exports of goods from the US over their import spiral cuts processimage capital in nature, used in the USA, and production of use-values (first – fifth) will inevitably lead to a decrease in actual production of use-values worldwide (raw materials – the same use-value). This is equivalent to a total rout material goods in the world except the USA.

We note in passing that the latter, albeit partially and not totally, has been achieved in the most economically developed part of the world (all of Europe and most of Asia) through two World wars. But in the period from 1880 to 1945 is steadily increasing exports of goods and services from the United States over their import into the United States not just offset, and overlap the importation of metallic gold in the United States in payment of American goods and services. By the end of the war the United States concentrated to three fourths of metallic gold present in the inventory of all States and their banks. Taken together, this has become a prerequisite for the Constitution of a global Pax Americana.

And finally, Sixthly, the absolute limit of reduction the amount simulacra prices of production of all goods, including their removal from the United States, are the full costs of their production. A practical limit – the total price of production of commodities, that is, the full costs plus the average rate of return (which is not profit, but a simulacrum of profits, they do not know).

Therefore, full production cost will inevitably have to be reduced, and this ultimately means to reduce the total amount of the simulacrum profits to zero, before reaching which the production of goods (use-values) within the United States will stop.

Capitalist production, reducible to zero or negative rate of return, will not save even the “simulacra of throwing money from helicopters” among all of the direct producers of goods within the United States. After all, “throwing dollars from helicopters” around the world is only indirect “throwing dollars from helicopters” among all of the direct producers of goods within the United States.

The point, however, not so much, how many that it will be the collapse of the entire capitalist system, the main engine of which is profit, but here that will occur right back up to full stop of process of profit. And this is the Final Collapse of the capitalist system, as understood by bourgeois consciousness and how it reproduces bourgeois practice.

Thus, a valid alternative, dictated by the considered points, that is: either to abolish capitalism as a social practice not only inside USA, but around the world, or the importation of consumer costs in the United States in them (these products) natural expression should consistently exceed their removal from the United States.

Because this alternative battistino is unacceptable not only for US but for the world’s “financial aristocracy”, especially, but also for the whole global class of the bourgeoisie, so far there is no choice, and only the second – the importation of goods into their natural expression should consistently exceed their removal from the United States.

Yes, but here again, the “ambush” – how to match different use value (different products, including services and work), the components of import and export, if in real terms they are incommensurable in General the word at all?

Any items or works are comparable only when they are of the same quality. That is the only common quality of goods (works and services) has at all times been, and remains, their social being as cost, the only means of measurement and commensuration of which may be a General commodity-equivalent of performing the function of money, that is money.

But the money is fully withdrawn from the economy global revolution produced a “financial aristocracy”, but instead they totally used simulacra of money that any product has never been and can not be by its very public and physical nature, not to mention the possibility of their being a universal commodity.

In this societal context remains only, first, to use the simulacra of money like the money and the way money, ideologically and politically, including violence, to ensure the sustainable reproduction of the masses the illusion that simulacra of money is the same money, but in their modern form.

And, secondly, to regulate not only of natural proportions of import/export goods in the US, but all the proportions of social production worldwide in “manual mode”.

The essence of this “manual control” can change anything that it is provided by a host of similarly politically-controlled “transmission belts” – global and national organizations active in the field of statistics, economic and financial analysis and consultation, determine the financial distribution of ratings (simulacra prices) of all of the “financial market instruments” and all real goods.

What the West went, and returned, having made a complete circle.

Summarise the key inevitable consequence of a stable tendency towards excess in the nature of export over import of commodity capital from the national economy, dominating the world, including new and designed to be used as processimage capital or previously used as processorsi capital.

Although the last 100 years in the world economically dominated by U.S., rezyumiruya investigation common to all Nations of the West, but most of those who belong to the so-called “economically developed” Nations. To reduce and simplicity, we continue to talk about the United States, implying that in this or that extent inherent in any of the Nations of the West.

So, immediate effects (from major) indicated a stable trend in the ratio of export/import goods to the US is necessary and inevitable are:

The emergence and strengthening of a sustainable trend towards “deindustrialization”, understood as the reduction in the share of manufacturing industries and the total weight of the employed population and the total mass produced by the nation goods.

The growth of the reserve army of labor, i.e., unemployment in General and long-term unemployment, in particular, as well as the accompanying pauperization (not only the impoverishment, but the transformation in people, including relatively wealthy, but solely professionally leading a parasitic way of life) of bigger and bigger masses of the population.

The change in the technical, value and organic composition of social capital used in the United States as processimage of capital or otherwise, the change in the structure and proportions of the national economy as a whole.

The emergence and strengthening of a stable tendency to the transformation of the U.S. economy is not only the largest in scale and volume, the dominant global consumer economy, but primarily financial, military and other Economics of production (creation) and scaling of high technologies and services in key sectors of the global economy.

However, the reproduction of the actual role of the dominant financial, military and other high-tech (in key sectors) of the economy as “deindustrialization” and it is due to “deindustrialization” is necessary and inevitable for the United States is becoming increasingly can not afford. The fact that the latter was contrary to the first, and obvious to many worldwide, not just in the United States.

In economic and political life of the United States that contradiction is inevitable and necessary appeared as the main economic and political controversy, subject to the immediate decision, that of the United States “have once again become great.”

As for the rest of the world, the main obvious consequences for him are:

In regular cycles creating a new “world factories”, their explosive growth, followed by stagnation, loss of the role of “world factory” and “deindustrialization” (“they shoot horses…”).

Increased competition the “world factories” for life and death in General and for the access to the internal market of the USA and other “developed economies” in particular.

Flood the world increasingly overweight US dollars and and all other currencies recognized “reserve currency”.

There is, however, another significant consequence, especially for the USA, while for all developed and developing economies in the world. This is a consequence inconspicuously for the street, but it defines the essence and inevitability of zigzags across internal and external policy of the USA and other leading countries, as well, and naturally sets the inevitability of zigzags in the development of the global world.

Such a consequence was the inevitability and necessity of everyday practical solutions both on-premise (localized inside the nation) and global (US, first and foremost, and, indeed, for China now also) problem. This task not only excludes the possibility of repeated successful use of a seemingly successful past precedents for its decision, but did not have theoretical solutions.

In the terms of use simulacra of money kind of money and the way money, i.e. in terms of the worship of the image of the Golden Calf as the most Golden Calf, or, otherwise, the image of the Beast as to the Beast (Revelation Chapter 13), this problem has no solution. It has no solution neither in theory nor in the precedents which fit to help in the invention of new successful precedents.

What it is, this task? The task facing US is to be able to go through without dying, between the Scylla of a positive balance of import/export use-values in nature and the Charybdis of the positive balance of export/import use values expressed in simulacra prices.

The West began with the myth and the myth of Odysseus (in Homer statement) sailed between Scylla and Charybdis, by miracle having survived and then became what he became. And completes its same – return to again sail between Scylla and Charybdis. In the language of Michel Foucault, discursive formation of the West never released it beyond its limits.

Compared to this mytho-lagonoy, religion and class, not “purely economic” in its essence, the practical challenge of global balancing of the proportional relations between the simulacra of the prices of all goods, carry out “manual control” under the overall leadership of USA, is a sheer trifle. However, this “mere trifle” is not feasible without switching to a different discursive and, therefore, in a different social formation.

But the resolution of this practical problem posed to humanity all the preceding history under the leadership of the West, batistoni not acceptable for ruling over the world of international class. And therefore they are desperately trying to resolve the unsolvable – if not through the treatment of history, then at least freeze her tightly.

Since the replacement of the state-hegemony, which is the center of the global world economy, if such exercise, the solution of these organically interrelated tasks can help no more than a steam bath to the dead, so far have no choice but to revitalize the United States – have already begun to cool the corpse of the former hegemon…

Vasiliev Vladimir, 12 Dec 2019.

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