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Ukrainian market of contraband arms began to shake up

It’s hard to say if restoring order in the market arms smuggling (i.e., liquidation) or is it redistribution, but the fact change is possible. This can be judged after the arrest of the SBU officer of the foreign intelligence service of Colonel Salomatina on suspicion of arms trafficking.

To assume that Kiev has decided to take his head and restore order in the country, it is very difficult. But peace in the Donbass does not appear by itself, and there is little to separate the force from the contact line. You will need to strip the grey sector trade channels arms of which are high-ranking security officials.

Rather, with the arrival of a new leader and there was a big repartition of the market. Some leave, others come, communications and chains disintegrate and new ones emerge. But the world in the Donbas is capable of supplying the gray arms trade in a dull position. Especially when you begin the process of disarmament of the civilian population of Donbass (because the peace process is impossible with the preservation of a considerable number of “trunks” in the hands of ordinary people).

Salomatina condemn under article 263 of the criminal code of Ukraine, but to influence the situation in General only a comprehensive and decisive manner. So far, the influence of the Ukrainian gangs weighty, and will continue to supply ammunition and weapons.

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