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Why the men of “alpha” and “Vympel” refused to rifles and used British AW

Russian sniper “And” tssn FSB at international competitions.

On the few modern photographs, where we see the fighters of the group “A” or “b” you can see them with foreign rifles AW. They actually replaced the old rifles on the British more accurate and convenient.

The fact is that as a weapon of modern warfare SVD is a bit outdated. It was created as a simple and reliable weapon for the army. This doubtless has no equal.

Besides rifles produced after the 70s are different from those that came before. The fact is that for firing armor-piercing incendiary bullets the changed pitch of the rifling. This affected the accuracy of weapons.

So let’s see, what’s wrong with the SVD and why it was replaced by the foreign rifle:

  • SVD semi-automatic rifle. That is, after each shot, no need to “wank”. It seems that is a plus, but really it’s not. The movement of the parts of the bolt during firing reduces the accuracy of the weapon. The British AW manual reload using the sliding bolt. It’s slower, but professionals from the “alpha” and “Vympel” nowhere and in no hurry.
  • The quality of the SVD barrel is not at the highest level. Weapons tried to do as cheaply as possible. Therefore, the thickness was insufficient. In the end it greatly affects the accuracy of fire. AW has a removable barrel stainless steel is created by cold forging.
  • Quality and range of the SVD is 500-600 meters. From AW in the figure above. And at a distance of 600 meters British rifle puts 5 bullets in a circle with a diameter less than 50 millimeters. It’s just a great indicator.

We are all accustomed to believe that our weapons are the best, but we have to admit that it was accepted into service in 1963, the Dragunov is a bit outdated. Of course, we now have their own equivalent of the British AW. For example rifle “ORSIS” T-5000 precision rifle stainless steel caliber 7.62 mm. the Rifle uses a longitudinally-sliding shutter.

Unfortunately it is the brainchild of a private company, the value of which only the civilian version is 390 000.

The rifle used in international competitions the men of “alpha” and it was a great show. In July 2012 a team of “A” SPC FSB won her the competition “Police & military sniper world cup“. So we were able to make great weapons, and know how. The only question is, when our army and police precipitous it new and better.

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